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Christmas Eve 2018

My grandson came for a sleepover on Sunday morning.  We had a great time, stopped at Barr Lake, cleaned the house, watched “The Grinch” about a thousand times.  On Monday (Christmas Eve), my son and daughter-in-law came early in the afternoon and we went to Barr Lake (their first time there).  Michelle, the park administrator, made arrangements for us to use the Eagle Express golf cart so we could get to the Eagles more easily in the cold.  That was a huge blessing!  It wasn’t so bad for the first hour or so, but when the wind started whipping around it got really cold really fast.  We went out to the Gazebo and saw some Eagle Feeding Frenzy before it got too bitter cold.

We came home, ate dinner (sans the tomato soup that Keaton and I made that morning because it was not so good…).  We had filets, scallops, green beans and parmesan orzo.  After dinner, we opened presents.  Then the kids had to leave because Keaton needed to get to bed and get a good sleep before Santa came!

Keaton always asks me if my days with him are good from 1 to 10.  This was definitely a “10” day.

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Eagle Fishing Frenzy – Part 1

I can’t post a video to this site, so I’m giving you some photos that should give you an idea of what it’s like to watch Eagles fishing and fighting over fish.  The funny thing about the other day is that both eagles would always lose when they were fighting over a fish.  Neither one of them got to eat!  Occasionally, one got away with it’s catch, but that was a rarity.  There were about 20 Bald Eagles involved.  I’ve never seen them do this before, so it was a very exciting!  Part 1 is focused on two Bald Eagles–mature and juvenile as they challenge each other to a game of cat and mouse!

I was in a boardwalk gazebo during this incredible frenzy.  I was using a 400mm lens, and I found it difficult at times to follow the action because the action was so far away.  Some of the photos are blurry and none are what you’d call close-up, but you’ll get the idea.  Notice all the ducks, pelicans and other water and shore birds are totally unaffected by all this.

All was calm until…
The Eagle in front caught a fish
And it managed to get away
However, the Eagle that was chasing it still wanted a fish
Good catch
As it was heading off with its catch, a mature Eagle decided it wanted that fish.
A scuffle ensued
A scuffle ensued
A scuffle ensued
The juvenile Eagle managed to hold on!
But the mature Eagle wasn’t giving up.
It kept going after that fish!
It kept going after that fish!
Well, there goes the fish!
Well, there goes the fish!
Screech! The mature Eagle decided to go back and get that fish.
And it did!
But the juvi was not having any of it.
That was the juvi’s fish.
More drama–barely hanging onto that catch!
More drama–barely hanging onto that catch!
More drama–barely hanging onto that catch!
More drama–barely hanging onto that catch!
More drama–barely hanging onto that catch!
More drama–barely hanging onto that catch!
Now it’s triple teamed. Not only the juvi, but Pelicans see an opportunity.
It’s slipping out of those talons.
Splash! The fish is gone.
They are not giving up.
They are not giving up.