Nature Photos

Perching Birds

Ruby Crowned Kinglet

Perching Birds are probably the birds people think of most when they think about birds.  There are so many kinds of perching birds, and sometimes it’s hard to identify the ones you don’t see all the time. 

Raptors – Birds of Prey

Bald Eagles parenting their Eaglets

Raptors are amazing to watch.  The diversity is incredible, and they are so magnificent. I could watch Eagles and Hawks all day long!

Shore Birds – Shore Feeders

Shore Birds are special birds.  Some might think they are waterfowl, but they do not spend much of their time in the water.

Water Birds – Gulls and Terns

Most people think of Gull as Seagulls.  But they not only hang around the sea, they also love freshwater lakes and ponds.  They are fast-flying birds with some really exciting feeding habits.  There are many types of Gulls and Terns, and here are just a few.


These photos have been taken in many different locations.  I tend to take pictures of flowers wherever I go.  They make my travels more interesting and beautiful! These photos will still remain on location-specific pages. 

Mammals in the Wild

I am not always looking for Mammals as I travel around to various sites, but sometimes they find me.