Some of My Birds are Back!

When I got home after 6 days without power, I noticed there were not many birds in and around the yard. I can’t blame them, the feeders were all out of seed and suet, and the one that wasn’t was frozen. Yesterday, I was very worried because I only saw 5 birds all day, even though the temperature was up in the 70’s.

Can you believe that? A week of below freezing weather (as low as 0 degrees), and then that warm?

My Favorite Cardinal

Anyway, I’m a bit encouraged this morning, because many of my favorites were back, but my very favorite Northern Cardinal is nowhere in sight. He has a wing feather that is askew, but it hasn’t really seemed to bother him. I’m so worried that he may not be OK. He has a mate, and I haven’t seen her either. I have seen the other pair of Northern Cardinals that lives on the other side of the woods. I will keep my eyes wide open and hope that my beautiful friend is OK, and that he will return and be his old self, chasing the other male away when he gets too close to his “wife!”

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