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This Was So Not Right! But I’m Grateful!

I am back in my home after 6 days without power. On day 4, I inhaled a lot of smoke and ash when trying to keep a fire going with wet logs. I have stage 2 CHF from my chemo with Doxorubicin, so this is not a good thing.

So, I called the local La Quinta once again. I had been really suffering with Raynaud’s, because I had to keep getting up and down and up and down to try to keep a fire going, feed the dogs, walk them outside, etc. The girl who answered the phone was the same person who I had talked to a couple of times before. I was in tears when I asked her if they had any rooms. She said, “Not right now, but maybe in a couple of minutes.” She asked for my phone number. She called me back about 10 minutes later and told me she had a room for me. She told me it was a construction room (a room under construction), and there was no TV, but there was a fridge and microwave. Was that OK? Oh my gosh! I could have cared less about a TV! And I wasn’t hungry. I hadn’t eaten much the last few days. No appetite. Too worried about the house and the dogs.

So, Thursday night we were toasty warm. The motel staff brought me food and water, and fussed after me all evening. I slept for the first time all week. The dogs were dead tired, and once we all got settled on the bed, they slept like logs, just like me.

But then, yesterday, Buttercup started to wheeze in the late afternoon. I called the vet’s office and made arrangements for both dogs to be seen this morning, and for them to be bathed since they smelled like smoke, and they were a little slimy from the smoke–after all, when I washed my hands and arms at the motel, the washcloth was almost back! And I had been petting them with those hands for (now) five days.

I got up early to take the pups to the vet this morning. They x-rayed Buttercup, and she does have some inflammation in her lungs, but not serious, and not in a spot that would be worrying. They sent me home with meds for her. I was so relieved!

So many people have died in this Texas power grid disaster! TOO MANY! One would have been too many! The buck has been passed to everyone possible, and the people responsible need to be help accountable. I’m not sure I have ever been this angry! I could have been one of those casualties if not for the wonderful staff at La Quinta! My precious pup could have been seriously harmed. Governor Abbott has ordered an investigation into this. 11 years ago, we had a similar strange winter storm. The power went out for 18 hours. You can live with that. They’ve had 11 years to fix this! And this time it was worse, so much worse. 6 days! 6 days! I was prepared for 18, even 24 hours, but 6 days! They have apparently made no improvements. In fact, it seems they just let it all go without a second thought for the people who would suffer.

I have been having some breathing difficulties, and tightness in my chest. I don’t want to go to the doctor and find out what breathing in that smoke, soot and ash has done to my health. I’m scared! More scared than I remember being when they told me I had breast cancer and had to have surgery, chemo and radiation.

And that’s all I have to say.

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