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Some People (and Birds) are Just Angels!

I seem to be on a dog kick lately. I guess it’s because we are cooped up inside together all day long, except for my doctor appointments and trips to the pharmacy drive-through. And, once I’m out of the house, I do stop at nearby parks to walk a bit and check out the wildlife, but those visits are short and sweet.

I’ve got a lot of health issues that make it difficult for me to walk my dogs over the past few months. The worst is the arthritis in my left knee, which has worsened since the temperatures have dropped. Our neighborhood is not on level ground. In fact, there are not many places in this area that have level ground… The impact on my knee from walking on the ups and downs on the concrete (we don’t have sidewalks or unpaved trails) with the dogs (who definitely force me to walk faster) is bad. It can take a week or more for the swelling to go down in my knee after a 1-mile walk with my two pups. Please don’t wonder why I don’t have knee surgery. I’ve had more surgeries in the past 5 years than I ever counted on, and I’m not really into non-emergent surgeries. I can live this this most of the time.

I have been worrying about them, and I’ve tried for a while to find someone to walk them a couple of times a week. I checked on the rover site, and there were people there who are available to walk dogs in my area, but the cost is prohibitive for someone living on SS. I cannot afford $56 a week to have the dogs walked for two days. I have cut back on everything I can, but that monthly check only goes so far.

So, to get to the point. A couple of weeks ago, I was walking the dogs and came across a neighbor I’d met, but didn’t know well. She was walking her little dog, and I asked her if she knew anyone in the neighborhood who might be interested in walking mine. I told her I was more than wiling to pay someone, but couldn’t afford the online prices. I was limping by this time, and she looked at my swollen knee, thought a bit, and suggested the girls who lived across the street from her. One was 14 and the other 10. I stopped by their house and talked with their mother who told me she would get back to me. She never did.

I was out walking the dogs late last week after the swelling was down in my knee when I ran across the same neighbor. She asked me if the girls were not walking the dogs. I told her I never heard back from their mother, so I was just taking them when I could. She said she would walk them. I told her how wonderful that would be, but that I would definitely want to pay her something. She absolutely refused.

Two days ago, this wonderful neighbor came to my house to spend some time with my two pups so they would get to know her. And, yesterday, she came and got them in the morning and took them out. She said they walked at least 3/4 of a mile. They were all smiling when they got back to the house. She said they were a little tentative with her at first, but they soon settled in to a nice pace. Of course, they did some business along the way, but I gave her plenty of bags for that when she picked them up. She said she will take them out twice a week. Again, I asked her what I could do for her and she said, “Just keep being a good neighbor.” I’ll figure out something…

It always seems that when I am at my lowest and can’t seem to find a way to deal with things on my own, God sends me an angel. I actually started to write a book a couple of years ago about all the angels in my life. I never did finish it. I couldn’t imagine who would want to read it. Maybe it’s time? Even if no one else read it, I would at least leave a bit of a legacy of how blessed I have been. Some things my son might want know. It might make the uncertainty of what is to come a little more bearable?

Talk about angels! As I was sitting on the couch writing this, I glanced up and noticed my back yard (which is mostly woods) was full of birds flying around crazily. I got up and went to the back window. For 20 minutes I watched as Cedar Waxwings, American Goldfinches, Carolina Chickadees, Black-crested/Tufted Titmice (hybrids), American Robins, Northern Cardinals, Dark-eyed Juncos, Pine Siskins, and Lesser Goldfinches danced around among the trees. For one second, three Cedar Waxwings and one Pine Siskin landed close to each other and I was able to snap this photo through the window.

Then, as quickly as they all arrived, they left. What a wonderful way to spend a few minutes. More angels? I think so!

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