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Happy Thanksgiving!

This Thanksgiving holiday will be difficult for a lot of us. I have family that can’t travel to be here with me because of the virus. My neighbors wanted to invite me, but a couple of their family members have been out of town for work, etc., and they don’t want me to possibly be infected if they came in contact with someone who is… I’m still making some banana bread and beer bread for them, and will take those and some wine over to them before everyone gets there.

It will be a lonely day. But I have the pups, Abby and Buttercup, to keep me company!

Buttercup has an infected foot. She was worrying with it yesterday, and my neighbor came over and helped me look to see if there was anything in there, as it was bleeding. We couldn’t see anything, even using a magnifying glass. I gave her a pain med, and she seemed to be OK. Until this morning…

This morning, she was worrying with it again, and it was swollen and really red. So, I immediately got dressed and took her to the vet (it’s a walk-in clinic, so I didn’t have to make an appointment). The vet checked her out and did a swab of her foot that they looked at under the microscope. Sure enough, it was infected. So, she’s on antibiotics, antibiotic wipes, and Benadryl. She also has on a cone, which she hates! But she’s resting right now, and I’m hoping the foot will start to at least look better in a day or two. Poor thing. She’s just always been so fragile because of her terrible start in life.

Buttercup was a rescue, found as a stray two years ago. She was about six months old then. She was nothing but skin and bones, covered in dirt and poop, with an infected foot (the other one). She hadn’t been spayed. The shelter was looking for a foster who could take her back and forth for surgeries and check-ups. I actually went to the shelter that morning to pick up a different dog, but the need for this little girl was so urgent, that I decided to take her home.

She wouldn’t let anyone touch her–it was obvious she must have been abused. My neighbor, a vet tech, came over that evening to see her, and even she couldn’t get her to come close. She looked at her and said, “What’s up buttercup?” I thought that was cute. And that evening, The Princess Bride was on TV. It was a sign. This little girl became Buttercup!

Anyway, through all of her visits back and forth to the shelter, she developed kennel cough, and passed it along to my two Mini-Schnauzers. All three of them ended up on antibiotics.

One evening, to my great surprise, Buttercup jumped up on the couch and onto my lap! From that point on, she became a friendly little pup. She loved my son, daughter-in-law and grandson. And she even liked to play with the St. Bernards next door.

When Buttercup was all healed, and all three of the pups were well, the foster coordinator at the shelter told me she was well enough to be adopted. She said they had several people who had signed the papers to be in line to adopt her. Of course, there was no way I was letting her go. We had her for three months and lots of chaos. She was part of our family!

She’s still a little tentative with strangers, and she likes men much more than she likes women (must be something in her past). She is totally attached to my neighbor, Bill, and he is just as attached to her!

Abby is another story for another day. Suffice it to say, she is a bit hyper, even when on calming treats and a calming collar.

So, even though I won’t have my family to share the day with, and I won’t be with my neighbors, I will have my little ones to keep me company!

I have so much to be grateful for this year. Good friends, good neighbors, two sweet and loving dogs. It will be a Happy Thanksgiving, even though I will be alone. I’m sure I will talk to my family at some point during the day, and that will lift my spirits!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!