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Hawk Day!

It seems like I’m having different kinds of bird days recently! Today, it was Hawk day. I had an appointment with my rheumatologist this morning, followed by my visit to the allergist for my shots (I get one in each arm, and today was my last visit before maintenance–I only have to go every 2-3 weeks now instead of 3-4 times a week!). I have allergies to so many things…

Anyway, after I left the allergist’s office, I decided to stop by Union Park on Stillhouse Hollow Lake near Salado. I have seen so many checklists on eBird lately that show all kinds of birds there that I need to add to my life list. Unfortunately, I didn’t see any of those. Of course, it was early afternoon, and that’s not the best bird viewing time. Still, I did see a ton of American Coots (not related to me), and a Pied-billed Grebe in the lake. I also saw at least 7 White-crowned Sparrows hiding in the brush along the lake.

However, on my way out of the park, I noticed a Hawk soaring overhead. I stopped the car on the road (there wasn’t any other traffic), and I hopped out and took some shots before it flew out of range.

When I got home, I was going to let my dogs out. They are 2 small little girls, one a Mini-Schnauzer, and one a Poodle mix of some sort. Both are rescues. But, I digress… I just happened to look out the back window before I left them out, and what did I see? A Red-shouldered Hawk sitting on the fence in the back yard. Well, I certainly wasn’t going to let the dogs out with that bird sitting there! I’m sure it wasn’t stalking them, but I still wasn’t taking any chances. I took a few photos before it happened to notice me in the the window and flew away.

So, even though I didn’t see any of the birds I had hoped to see on my visit to Union Park, I did have a great time seeing those two birds on Hawk Day!