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Stillhouse Hollow Lake

One day last week, on my way home from getting my allergy shots, I decided to stop at Stillhouse Hollow Lake and check it out. When I lived here before, I always wanted to go, but I was working all day and on-call 24/7/365, so being out away from a computer was not usually a good thing. SO, on this particular day, I was in and out of the allergist office in about 5 minutes, so I had time to spare on the way home…not that there is usually really anything I have to hurry for, but I like to miss rush-hour traffic, which is really horrible around here with soldiers coming home from Ft. Hood. Not that I’m complaining about that–I love being so close to them. Makes me feel safe.

Anyway, I went to the [ark boat ramp area first, and then to the River’s Bend Park. It was too hot and so sunny that taking decent photos was a struggle, but I did manage a few. Once the temps drop here a bit, I’m going to go back and do the Chalk Ridge Falls trail.

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