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Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge – September 29, 2020

It has taken me a while to go through the hundreds of photos I took on this day at the beautiful Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge. This is mostly because the wildflowers were not easy to identify, and I’m not sue I still have them correct. I noticed during my identification process that wildflower guides include tons of spring and summer flower, but not so many fall-flowering species. So, I had to make a guess on some of them.

My friend and I visited three spots in the refuge.

We first hiked up to the Warbler Deck via the Vista and Ridgeline trails. This was a rugged trail, and I should have used my hiking poles–I almost fell several times on the trail, but was saved by trees on the sides of the trail. We actually walked down the road to get back to the parking lot.

Our second stop was at the Doeskin Ranch where we took the Pond and Creek trails. We were disappointed that there was not much bird activity at the pond. We only saw one Eastern Phoebe.

Our last stop was at the Shin Oak Observation Deck. Not much nature activity there, either, but it was a great place to stop, rest in the shade of the deck, and plan future nature exploring activities.