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Am I a Bad Person?

My next-door neighbor has two dogs. Actually, I have two dogs. But, there is a huge difference, in both size and behavior.

Their dogs are huge, and they really should be somewhere they can run–not in a neighborhood with a small fenced-in yard. Mine are small and very happy to be inside or out, whichever the weather allows, but almost always inside if I’m not out with them.

Their dogs bark incessantly, and their barks are deep and very loud. They bark when I go outside in my back yard. They bark to be let inside, but they can’t even get onto the covered porch in the heat because there is a gate at the top of the steps that keeps them off the porch. My dogs bark when someone comes to the door, or when they are chasing away the squirrel that likes to eat all the bird seed.

Their dogs have awakened me at 4:30 in the morning more than once. My dogs are still very much sound asleep at 4:30 AM, and if they did need to go out, they would not be barking–they don’t bark for no reason.

Their dogs are rescues. Mine are, too.

My neighbors on the other side of my house can hear their dogs barking in their home, in a room on the other side of their house with all of the doors and windows closed.

A few evenings ago, after the dogs had been barking for almost two hours straight, I finally sent a text to the neighbor, and it said, “Seriously, can you please stop the barking? It has been going on for way long enough.” The response I got was, “I can assure you we do not intend to bother you, but dogs bark.”

Am I wrong to be upset by this? Am I wrong to consider contacting the HOA (which I’m sure would do absolutely nothing) or Animal Control? There is a nuisance ordinance in this town, and excessive barking is a big no-no.

I have a health condition that is worsened by stress, and this is stress! My most recent mammogram showed a suspicious mass, and they don’t know what it is. As a breast cancer survivor, I’m more than a little stressed by that. And, stress is not good for cancer–well, let me rephrase that–it’s good for the cancer to help it grow, but not good for the patient. My PCP gave me a prescription for Xanax this afternoon. My essential tremors were off the wall, my blood pressure was up, my Raynaud’s is acting up almost daily, and she wanted to know why. She told me I need to contact Animal Control.

I don’t want to make enemies of these neighbors, but I’ve talked to them about this before, and their response is always something along the lines of, “Oh well…”

So, I ask, am I the bad person here? Am I supposed to put up with this because they don’t care? I know there are probably many people who have had to deal with this type of thing.

My old neighbors had two St. Bernards, and at first they barked like crazy. I talked to them one time, and the barking stopped. Turns out, he worked from home with headphones on. The dogs could go out through their screen door, and he didn’t hear them. It was so easy. They were so nice about it. We became great friends, and our dogs became great friends.

It doesn’t have to be this way, or at least I don’t think so. I guess this is more of a rant than anything else. I just don’t understand this generation that thinks it’s OK to make your neighbors insane.

Anyway, if you read this, thanks for “listening.”