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Thank you! Prayer Works!

My last post asked for prayers from those so inclined to help me get through a difficult time with a suspicious mammogram. Well, apparently those prayers worked.

Over the course of two hours and four increasingly uncomfortable series of exams, I got more and more concerned. After the last, and most painful series, a tech came out and told me everything was OK.

I’m not at all sure exactly what they were looking at, and the tech was not at liberty to explain, but I’m glad that it’s not malignant. I just wish I knew what it is. I’m guessing I will find out when they release the report to my PCP. I just have to trust that I will get answers then.

Thank you, all of you who said those prayers. For now, I have a reprieve. Not sure for how long, but for now I’m feeling better. I know there is still something there. But, I’ll take the good news for as long as it lasts.

Now, if the allergy shots would just kick in, I’d be ready to rock!