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Interesting Things in My Yard

Being stuck at home is not all that fun, UNLESS you have an interesting variety of creatures that live around your house. I have woods behind my home, and I have tons of  time to explore and find things I haven’t seen before or things I have, but have not had

Red-shouldered Hawk
Red-shouldered Hawk

time to enjoy. Of course, I have birds (that I love, including a Red-shouldered Hawk that was in my tree last week–the first one of its kind I have ever seen!), and some butterflies (although not enough of those), and usual insects like ants, etc. But, I also have these…

Lightning Bugs (Or Fireflies)


Cicada – I have heard these things all my life, but this is the first time I’ve actually seen one. It was on the screen on my back porch, and I figured it was probably newly hatched…


Cicada-killer Wasp

Cicada Killer Wasp
Cicada Killer Wasp

Walking Sticks/Stick Bugs

Interesting Spider Webs

Spider Webs in the Twilight
Spider Webs in the Twilight


Green Anole

Green Anole
Green Anole

Grasshopper and Wooly Aphid (that landed on me in an un-wooly state)

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