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A Week with My Boys!

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My son and Grandson arrived last Friday night after a 14-hour drive from Colorado. They stayed until this morning, when they left around 6:30 a.m. I have been terribly sad all day–I miss them so much! It’s been ages since I had that much time to spend with my son or grandson. I savored every moment!

eb-1-of-1-304My son had to work while he was here. We set up an office for him in a spare bedroom, and he had everything he needed. That meant that my grandson and I had most of the days to do fun things together. We worked on a kid’s photography challenges book, and he got two of the challenges completed, and his creativity was obvious. We made a birdbath–simple, but effective. We spread soil and mulch in the butterfly garden and planted seeds. We weeded the front flower garden and cut off dead limbs from the rose bushes. We sat outside and watched the birds in the back yard. We sat at the kitchen window and watched the birds. We exercised in the hot tub. We took walks in the neighborhood. We cooked and ate and cooked and ate… He even made me a dippy egg one morning!

eb (1 of 1)-310Once my son got off work, we ate dinner and headed to Miller Springs so my grandson could go fishing. Over the course of the week, he caught 7 fish. Twice he caught 3 in one day. One day he had two big fish on the line and lost them right before they reached the shore. I was so busy jumping up and down and clapping that I didn’t get photos of them when they jumped. After he lost the 2nd one, he said he felt like crying. I did too!

After fishing, we would come home and eat a 2nd dinner. Then we would play Mad-Libs, or color, or watch silly cat videos.  Most days we found some time to play Wordscapes, because that is supposed to help my old Nana brain! Then it would be bedtime, and we would say good-night, knowing we would see each other in the morning. Except for this morning… Lots of tears last night, and again this morning. My grandson told me he will come back in a couple of days. I know that’s not true, and he knows it, but he wants to be positive. And I do, too! I am hoping he will be able to come back sometime soon. 

eb (1 of 1)-314
He was sure this was a piranha!

He made friends with my neighbor who creates beautiful things from leather. They made a small wallet-sized fishing journal. My neighbor said he made him feel so good when he told him that he loved the journal and no one had ever made anything like that for him before. They became great pals, and my neighbor came over every day to visit with him. They would tell each other silly stories! I wish I had taken a photo of that journal!

Now I am alone, and the house feels so empty. It’s not like I saw them every day when I loved closer. In fact, most summers they went camping every weekend and I never saw them. This was different. It was a whole week, and a wonderful week! And it made me feel young and loved. I know I will stop crying one of these days… Although I have to say that crying has helped to clear my sinuses! The dogs are exhausted–or maybe as depressed as I am, and they’ve been sleeping all day.

I will post some photos of the birds and other things we saw during the week. There were some special ones!