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The Time Went By Too Fast!

Well, I moved back to Texas at the end of February–just in time to have to stay at home. I was excited to get back here and go exploring all of the places I wanted to see when I lived here before. But, I was working and on call 24/7/365. I needed to be close to a computer all the time. So, I haven’t been anywhere except the tine little park nearby on the Leon River a day before we got the stay at home order.

I had dinner with the kids the last weekend in Colorado, and it was such a nice time. I started crying before they left, and I’m still crying–almost two months later. It’s so hard to know I am so far away. My grandson held onto me for the longest time when they were getting ready to go.  My heart hurts. 😪 💔 And I miss him so much!

I still trying to get settled in my new old home. But I worry about when I will see the kids again…  My grandson says he should stay at my house one day and at his house the next and go back and forth.  I explained that we would have to be millionaires to be able to afford the air travel. He said he will save his money! And then he will have a ton of frequent flyer miles so he can fly first class. Oh gosh! I miss him so much! His birthday is May 6th, and I promised I would be there, but this virus thing is making that impossible. I have never broken a promise to him before, and it’s killing me!

I enjoyed living in Colorado, and I love the mountains. But, the climate in is much better for my health–more warmer days, sunshine, and humidity above 16%. It is nature that heals me and keeps me going. Now, I just need to be able to get out in it! The one thing that isn’t better is allergies–I had to get shots when I lived here before, and I really need to see my allergist, but I can’t see him until they are able to take new patients because of the COVID-19. So, I’m a bit miserable with that. But, I will live–I think!

I have been taking photos of birds and wildflowers in the neighborhood when I walk the dogs, and I have lots of birds at the feeders at my home. I will soon be able to get back to what my whole site is about–nature photography! In fact, I may post some new photos tomorrow!