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My Grandson Thinks I’m “Famous”

I have spent a lot of time at Barr Lake State Park over the past 2-1/2 years. One of the most difficult things about moving back to Texas is being so far away from this place I love. I was honored yesterday by having an opportunity to sign and number a limited edition puzzle that features a photo I took of the Eagles’ nest a while ago.

I was not sure these would get here before I moved, but they arrived just in time! There are 48 puzzles and 48 certificates. The tremors in my hands made it difficult to do all that signing, and a lot of them were maybe not very legible.  But, they are my signatures and my numbering, nonetheless.  And I am so proud that my grandson was there with me to share and celebrate this honor.

It has been my great pleasure to volunteer with Friends of Barr Lake, the non-profit that helps support activities at the park. I will remain a member of this amazing group for the rest of my life.  The park is amazing, and the Friends help with so many projects and activities to make the park more accessible to more and more people. I will truly miss the friends I have made here and, most of all, the park!