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Horrible People

House1I usually get along with everyone, but the people buying my house are horrible!  They are entitled millennials with an attitude–demanding, snobbish, and disrespectful. If I didn’t need to sell this house, I would tell them to go take a hike!

Last week, they scheduled the home inspection on Sunday afternoon at 4:00.  First, when was I supposed to eat dinner?  Also, at that time of the day, I can’t be outside because here in CO, it is already getting cold by 4:00. And where can I go with three dogs where I could be inside and warm?  So, I was here.  And glad I was (kind-of).

First, the “inspector” was the husband’s father.  I was bombarded with their realtor, the buyers and both of the husband’s parents.  I have always found people from Wyoming to be nice and friendly.  NOT these people!

The fist thing the wife said to me was “Have you started cleaning yet?” I don’t mean to brag, but my house is spotless.  Even if it didn’t want to do all the work to keep it clean, I would have to because of all the dust and dry air in Colorado. I have terrible allergies, and I’d be absolutely miserable in a dirty or dusty home. That started out the evening.

Abby, Fred and Buttercup
Abby, Fred and Buttercup–don’t they look vicious?

I had the three dogs leashed to my rocking chair in the corner of the living room so we could keep out of the way of these people. I could tell the dogs hated them because they wouldn’t stop barking at them. At one point the mother walked into the back door and reached down and told my male to stop barking.  He was still barking and she tried to say he was trying to bite her.  This is the most lovable dog in the world.  He has never even attempted to bite anyone, although if he ever did think about it, I’m sure it would have been this woman.  He would lick the hand of someone who was beating him. She was sticking her hand at his mouth while he barked.  I was furious!  Later I heard her say something about them needing shock collars! I almost blew up and told them to leave my house. My dogs hated these people!

View from my back deck
View from my back deck

They said that the garbage disposal wasn’t working.  It has always worked. But when my realtor told me about that, I went and turned it on and the only way it would stay on was if I held it up the whole way.  Now, I’m not stupid.  It didn’t just start doing that during the inspection.  But, I went and turned it on and sure enough, I had to hold the switch the whole way up.  I knew they had to do something to it.  I wiggled it around a bit, and it worked perfectly.  Not sure what they did, but my guess is they wanted a new disposal–this is obviously the original, 12-year-old thing. Well, they’re not getting a new one.  Their realtor wanted to come and video it working.  I said absolutely not!  So my realtor came and took the video–twice, for a whole minute each.

For some reason, they pulled out the washer and didn’t push it back where it was.  I couldn’t close the door to the laundry because it was in the way.  I tried to push it back in place, but I could only get it far enough back to be able to close the door.  And it is off balance.

Roller Stick for Awning
Roller Stick for Awning

Then, I noticed that the awning on the back deck was rolled down a bit and flapping in the wind. I went out on the deck and saw that the roller stick (or whatever you call it) was broken off and laying neatly on the deck railing.  This was obviously not a result of blowing off in a storm–it has been through much worse than the wind that day.  And if it was blown off, it wouldn’t have landed like that.  Of course, they didn’t mention it, just like they didn’t mention the washer being pulled out.

Then–yes, there is more!  I kept hearing this banging noise, but couldn’t figure out what it was.  I thought maybe the kids next door were throwing tennis balls at the house.  They do that occasionally to get my attention.  But they were nowhere in site.  I thought maybe my other neighbors were fixing something outside, but they weren’t out.  I finally went outside and walked around the house and discovered they had not closed the door to the electrical panel where the circuit breakers are, and the door was blowing back and forth in the wind, banging loudly with each movement.  I managed to get the door closed and latched, discovering that they had bent the latching mechanism. It was difficult to get it shut, but I got a hammer and fixed what they had bent. I can’t imagine what would have happened if we had a bad rain storm with that panel open.

Living Room with Rocky Mountains in the distance
Living Room with Rocky Mountains in the distance

Then, they demanded that I have the carpet cleaned before closing.  A few months ago I had the carpet cleaned and scotch-guarded (before I knew that my LTD benefits would end in April–see my post about this–Too Old for Disability?). And, they are not taking possession until 2 days after closing to give me time to move out–all of the furniture and packed boxes would still be everywhere.  It would be insane to have the carpet cleaned in the first place (they will loses the extra protection).  The carpet is very clean and looks new.  But, they insisted because I have three dogs, they wanted it done.  My dogs DO NOT do bad things in the house EVER! I refused.  They plan to get a St. Bernard.  Well, good luck with that–those dogs drool constantly and shed like crazy.  My little dogs don’t do either. So the two realtors, in order to keep the deal from falling apart, are going to split the cost at closing–giving them the money to get it done.

They also wanted the vents cleaned.  I also had that done recently, but they insisted.  This is Colorado–the dust is unbelievable, and you could have them cleaned every week and by the next week, there would be dust on the grills (or whatever they are called).  Again, I refused and again the realtors are splitting that cost, just to get it done.

They even wanted me to change the HVAC filter!  I do this every two months–more often than suggested.  I used expensive allergen blocking filters, and there is one sitting beside the furnace ready to be changed in March (the two month mark). What the heck is wrong with these people?

I have no idea what else they have done to this house.  But I’m sure I will find more…

Living Room
Living Room

My realtor is going to schedule separate closings, because I do not want to have to sit across a table from them and try to be gracious. I can see myself leaping over the table to attack both of them!  (I’m old and disabled, so that’s not likely, but in my dreams it is!) I have never sold a home to someone I disliked.  But, this time, I’m afraid that my home is being sold to horrible people. And I don’t ever want to see them again. I have put so much love and care into this home that it hurts my heart to think of these people living here, and I’m sorry that my neighbors will have to deal with them.

Just one more thing to deal with in this difficult time in my life.  I was supposed to keep working until 72, then retire and have a good life.  Apparently, that wasn’t in the cards for me, but gosh, does it have to keep getting worse?