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It’s Real…

Brighton House
From here…

My house is under contract, and all of the things involved in that are being set in motion. Radon testing, water line scoping, and inspection today. Plus, I’m looking for movers, trying to arrange for financing and closing in Texas.  The showing has stopped, but the real pressure has just begun.

We close on this house on February 26 in the morning, and on the house in TX that same afternoon.  I can’t afford to pay a moving company to do the move–they want between 6K and 10K. The realtors already get half of the equity in my home, and moving costs that high would pretty much wipe out the rest.

I still ponder the question of how all this has happened to me…  Two and a half years ago, I was working, making a great salary.  I was suffering from effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy, as well as continuing oral chemo drugs and other drugs like levothyroxine. Over time, I became more and more fatigued, more and more unable to do things that once I never thought about. I noticed tremors in my hands that kept getting worse.  Soon, I couldn’t type or use a mouse without having to correct everything I did several times.  I had a constant UTI.  I suffered great pain in my thumbs and fingers from arthritis. I became depressed and suffered anxiety attacks–more meds.  My short-term memory was nil. I couldn’t remember a 4-digit number that I read long enough to type it somewhere else. When it came to the point where I was crying almost all day every day, I felt like I was not able to do my job at the level I always had.  My boss was sympathetic, and she suggested I take a leave to try to get my physical and mental health back to “normal.” Unfortunately, there is no more normal for me.

After 2 years of long-term disability, I was informed to my surprise that my benefits would run out in April.  I discussed in a previous post. I panicked. And I have been in panic mode for months.

My old, soon to be new, home
To here…

I am still afraid of becoming homeless.  I’m still afraid that I won’t be able to keep even my old house once I move.  I ask myself over and over how I could go from a successful and much-recruited professional to staring homelessness in the face.

Well, it’s time to move on and hope for the best.  I love Colorado, but for anyone thinking about moving here, be sure you are prepared to pay high property and sales taxes (8% in Adams County), in addition to state income tax.  Be prepared that, unless you plan to live far away from any large city, you will pay at least twice as much for a home here as you would a similar home in many other places.  And, if you are looking for a friendly place to live–beware!  Don’t get me wrong, there are nice people here, but the atmosphere is definitely NOT friendly.  It’s a sanctuary state with all the crime and fear that goes with that.  Neighbors don’t trust neighbors, and it’s rare that a neighbor will even wave back at you when you pass them on the street. Yesterday the police and FBI arrested a member of the Bloods gang who killed a woman in the town where I live.  He already had one teardrop on his face–murdered before?

The state is overrun with Californians and illegal aliens (sorry, they are here illegally, as was the Bloods member) who moved here when marijuana was legalized, and they just never left. They buy houses in family neighborhoods and grow illegal marijuana in the basements. These are high-end neighborhoods where parents expect their children to be safe!  Since possession isn’t illegal any longer, if they can keep their illegal plants hidden well enough, they make a bundle!  People buy from them at a cheaper price than in the legal stores, and the promised tax benefits from legalization haven’t panned out.  They just created a new underground drug mob with the cartels’ backing. When the smell of skunk becomes too obvious they move out and sell the house. I won’t miss the high insurance and utility rates or the corruption in many counties and cities.

Bald Eagles at Barr Lake State Park on a dark, dreary, and misty day
Bald Eagles at Barr Lake State Park on a dark, dreary, and misty day – can you count them? Note: Not 7, 8, or 9, or lots!

I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to go there.  It’s just another reason that I will not miss Colorado.  I WILL miss the beautiful mountain views, my son and his family, the few neighbors and friends I have found in the past 6 years, the beauty and serenity of Barr Lake State Park, and a few other things.

I will be happy to be back in Texas where no one is a stranger, and your neighbors and friends have integrity. I lived there for 6 years–the same amount of time as I have been in Colorado.  However, I have already had tons of messages from friends there who are happy I’m going back!  They are planning a welcome home party.  I don’t know of one person here who cares that I’m leaving–they don’t take time to get to know you. I know I’m making the right decision to go back there. I loved it there, and I know I will love it again!