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A Gift-free Christmas

The kids decided that this year we would not have the usual Christmas with tons of gifts.  I did not “buy into” this idea at first.  I couldn’t imagine not buying something for at least my grandson, so I was allowed to buy him something little.

Ninja NationYesterday (Christmas Eve) we spent the morning at the Nature and Science Museum.  I got up early and was at the kids’ house by 8:30.  We got to the museum shortly after they opened.

We started out with the Extreme Sports exhibit.  Very interesting, but nothing I think I want to try!  My grandson went through the small Ninja Nation course.

We saw the incredible IMAX movie about Superpower Dogs.  It was really a wonderful movie about search and rescue dogs and the training they go through to get their certification (with their human partner).  These animals are amazing.

I found myself wondering if any of my three little dogs have any kind of super powers?  Well, 20191225_112001Buttercup (the latest little rescue) can steal your heart with her waving to get your attention. Fred had the shrillest voice you have ever heard–it actually hurts your ears. Not sure if that a super power or a super annoyance? But he’s sweet and lovable! And Abby? Well, we discussed that one for a few minutes and couldn’t really come up with anything except her inability to control herself. But I realized it’s their individual qualities that make them a wonderful part of my family.

We walked through the Birds of America and Dinosaur exhibits.  My grandson and I spent a lot of time looking at and identifying the birds.  I love that he loves birds like I do!

After we left the museum around 1:30, we stopped for lunch at a Thai restaurant called Pepper.  Good food!  I had Pad Thai, my usual. I wish I could find a Thai restaurant around here that serves Mee Krob! So far, no luck!

BarrLake (2 of 10)
Fishing lures!

After lunch, we went back to the kids house to “hang out.”  After a while, my grandson opened his one little gift from me.  There was a tackle box with lures, and a sleeve of flies.  The tackle box included frogs, which were lures he really wanted.  We all ended up helping him open the plastic

BarrLake (5 of 10)
I’ve got to examine these.

wrappings around the lures, and he arranged the lures and flies in various boxes to spread them out and make them

BarrLake (7 of 10)
Wow! It opens!

easier to find.  He and my son decided that my son’s tackle box would be “their” tackle box so they can share everything. Such joy that those small gifts

gave that little guy!

Then, we had a serious talk about my current situation and needing to sell my home because of my disability benefits running out in April.  We all agreed that moving back to Texas to my old house there would be the best thing if the timing would work out.  I was afraid that my grandson would be really unhappy about this, but as long as I could tell him there is plenty of fishing in Texas, and I know people who would be glad to take him, he was happy.  And I told him there is a really big lake just over the hill from my house, and we could go there any time he wanted.  What a relief to get that conversation out of the way.  I hadn’t meant to bring it on during the holidays, but I’m glad I did.  My son discussed that if he wanted to advance in his career, he would have to go somewhere else, and he didn’t know what that would mean.  And they would feel better if I was somewhere that I have good friends to help me out and do things with me.

Then we had beef stew for dinner, I helped my grandson build a fire, and I left for home. Happy and full of good food, and grateful for the day to spend with the kids.  Although I often feel so alone, I also really love the times that we spend together.

I got home to three dogs happy to see me, and very hungry! After they were fed and settled down, we had a quiet evening.  I watched Bohemian Rhapsody, and then we all went to bed. I think I have watched that movie at least 25 times, but I never get tired of it. Queen was a big part of our lives back then, and Freddie Mercury was simply amazing.  There is no other voice like his, and he was gone way too soon. My favorite thing he did was his album with Montserrat Caballe.  The song Barcelona is hauntingly beautiful (the link is to the YouTube video–a must see). I am always so surprised that more people are not aware of that.

That was my Christmas Eve day.  This morning I woke up to beautiful skies and the Rocky Mountains.  I will really miss this view.  But, I know i can’t last.  I’ve had this view for 2-1/2 years, and that’s more than most people get in a lifetime! 

I have so much to be grateful for, even though I am often sad and lonely.  But that will change once I get moved back to where my friends are.  The kids are really busy, and that’s a great thing!  I don’t want them to feel guilty for not having more time for me.  It’s only natural…

HorseI started out wanting to just say “Merry Christmas!”  But, I got a little carried away.  I hope you all enjoy your holidays, no matter what you celebrate or when.  We all need a little joy and family time in our lives!

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