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There are Still Wonderful People in the World!

I went to a Friends of Barr Lake board meeting yesterday.  I was asked to attend to take some photos of the board members.  I was overwhelmed when they presented me with a beautiful, quilted wall hanging.  They are aware of the health problems I’ve been having, and they wanted to do something to cheer me up.  It’s a quilted heart–to help my heart heal.

This is an amazing group of people who work so hard to help with anything and everything at Barr Lake State Park. I love them all! And I am so grateful that they appreciate the work I do for them. I did manage to get them to let me take a group photo (below).

Quilted Heart

Friends of Barr Lake Board
Friends of Barr Lake Board – from left to right: Danyel Russell, Melanie Boschetto, Chelsea Wilson, Dale Jones, Kathy Sholders, Ron Burge, Shari Broderson.