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Pumpkin Painting and Fishing

Yesterday I went with my grandson to Barr Lake State Park for their “I’m Into Pumpkins” event.  He got to pick out a pumpkin (he chose the largest one), and then he painted it with several different colors.  He also took the gourd that he painted last weekend to give to Michelle, the park Administrator.  It was a great time for everyone there.

After painting his pumpkin, he wanted to go fishing, but he forgot to bring his fishing rod.  So, he asked one of the Park Rangers if he could borrow one.  She radioed another Ranger and he brought a fishing pole and some Power Bait.  My grandson was so happy!  He didn’t catch a fish, but he actually was happy just being able to cast and look for good fishing spots.

We took garbage bags and gloves to pick up garbage along the lake shore.  When we were there last weekend, my grandson was dismayed to see all of the trash left by people visiting the park.  In just a short distance we picked up enough trash to make the bag heavy to carry!

It was a beautiful day until about 6:00 when the wind turned icy and brisk in front of the snow storm that arrived overnight.  What a great time we had!