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Barr Lake with My Grandson

Last Saturday, my grandson and I drove over to Barr Lake to see if they had any pumpkins left from the Harvest Festival. They didn’t have any pumpkins, but they had some gourds and he picked out two to bring home and paint. 

While we were there, we decided to take a short walk around the lake, which is very low at this time of the year.  The water is actually owned by a farm cooperative, so it is used for irrigation during the Summer months.  It will start to fill up in early November, and the Eagles will be returning soon.

My grandson loves to look for jumping fish, and he was not disappointed.  We saw lots!  We also saw a lot of Gulls, Pelicans, and Geese. This little guy loves to be outdoors, and it makes me so happy to watch him have his adventures!