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Nature Continues to Amaze Me!

I haven’t written in a while. I’m trying to adjust to a change in medication dosage, and I’m OK one day, but not the next.  But I did take time yesterday to sit down and choose some photos from the past month or so to share with y’all.

Spring was especially beautiful this year because we got enough snow and rain over the Winter to ensure that there will not be a drought this year.  Trees and grasses are green and lush, and the birds and other animals have had a great time–some of them deciding to nest and stay in areas where they are not always present.  Of course, none of them decided to stay near my home, but I did manage to get to see some by traveling a bit. My favorites, by far, were the baby Pied-billed Grebes.  And I’m hoping to visit some new places this week,  But, in the meantime, I wanted to post a few of my favorite photos.