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My Amazing Grandson

When I was growing up, we had dolls to play with and a nearby playground at the elementary school where we could go in the summer for supervised activities.  We also had “outside.” That’s where we spent most of our time.  Our TV was black and white and very small.  Outside was where it was at!!!  No matter the season, my time was spent outside–riding my bike, sledding, ice skating, playing badminton and softball in the field, hiding in the woods, and playing in the cemeteries across the street and on the hill (when you are a kid, a gravestone makes a good fort–some people may not appreciate that, but we learned a lot about how our farming community was born–I asked neighbors lots of questions about the people buried there, and heard lots of great stories).

Tiny Little Goalie
Tiny Little Goalie

Enough about me!  I worry so much that kids today don’t get outside enough, and they don’t know how to communicate with each other without the “screens.”  I’m grateful that my son and daughter-in-law make sure my grandson has plenty of outdoor time.  They do watch movies with him, and he plays with Pokemon on my son’s phone.  He has an Echo Dot that he uses to listen to music.  But, by far, the amount of time he spends outside outweighs his inside time by at least 3 times.  He is involved in sports (Lacrosse and Taekwando), and they all go camping at least every other weekend when the weather allows.

Fancy AND comfortable
Fancy AND comfortable

Two weekends ago he came to stay overnight on Saturday.  That evening he sewed a pillow on my grandmother’s old treadle sewing machine (it’s older than Singer).  He learned to thread the machine, he did the tracing on the pattern, and he sewed in nice straight lines.  It was a masterpiece of a cammo pillow.  Now he wants to make a pillow for his little cousin–in pink cammo!

For me, personally, the best thing is that he loves to go to Barr Lake and the Rocky Mountain Arsenal to walk and talk about nature.  On Sunday, we went to Barr Lake, and he took lots of pictures… This is just one of them.

Ospreys at nest
Ospreys at nest

Imagine how my heart melted when I asked what was in these photos below, and his response was “Beauty.” 

Last weekend the kids had my grandson’s 8th birthday at Ninja Nation, a place I never heard of.  It’s like the TV show I guess, although I’ve never seen that. The place is all challenges, lights and music.  There’s a warped wall, a climbing wall, half exercise balls that you jump over to get to rings that you fly on–basically all kinds of things  that I would never even attempt to do.

Why am I writing all this?  It seems my blogs are always very long.  I live alone with three dogs, and they don’t talk to me.  They know how to get their point across with whining, flipping their head toward the door, waving their little arms at me when they want a belly rub.  But they don’t talk.

I have a lot to say, and no one to say it to.  I see the kids about once a month–less in the summer.  And I don’t want to spend time talking about me with them.  I want to know about them!

New camera and all the Fixin's
New camera and all the Fixin’s

So, I pour out my heart here.  But this is good pouring!  I am proud of my son, proud of my daughter-in-law, and oh so proud of my grandson.  My birthday present for him was a new mirrorless camera because he loves using mine when we go walking and talking.  He’s getting pretty good at taking pictures now (see the three above this), and I thought it was time.  My son says they have gone out to walk and talk this week with the new camera.  He says he is taking lots of photos of flowers, and I said there is nothing at all wrong with that–I love photos of flowers!

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