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Colorado Weather

When you live in Colorado you become adjusted to the wild swings in the weather.  On Tuesday I went to the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge.  It was an overcast day, but in the low 50’s so warm enough to check out the lakes and travel the Wildlife Drive.

Wednesday, we had hurricane force winds (gusts up to 80 MPH recorded where I live, 97 south of here), frozen roads, huge snow drifts that covered roads and made travel impossible.  All this after a week or more of road closings because of avalanches. A state of emergency was called, and the National Guard was mobilized to assist in rescuing stranded motorists.  They called this a Bomb Cyclone.  We even had lightning!

Yesterday was sunny, and the temperature was about 32 degrees.  Snow is already melting on rooftops, driveways and roads.  Today’s high is supposed to be 40 degrees. If you are planning a trip to Colorado, check the weather (not that they usually get it right).  We’ve had 6 inches of snow in May around here!

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