Depression, Nature Photography, Weather

Winter Doldrums

Winter is a difficult time for me, especially now that I am retired.  I can’t get outside regularly unless it’s at least 50 degrees, sunny and little or no wind.  Those are circumstances that don’t occur all that often around here.  So, I tend to get a little more depressed during the winter months.

I watch too much TV.  I try to stay away from the news–that’s just insane.  There’s not much of interest, even the documentaries are mostly about murder.  And if that isn’t depressing, I don’t know what is.

I’ve tried coloring, but the tremors in my hands make that difficult–I can’t stay between the lines.  Back to early childhood…

Winter also means I don’t see the kids as often.  They ski on the weekends, and my grandson is involved in weekend activities.  I know that will only get busier over the years.

I’ve started working on a fb page for a local charity, and will be re-doing their web site.  That helps to keep me busy, but I can’t work on anything for too long.  My tremors get worse, and the arthritis in my hands gets more painful.

I’ve started re-organizing my photos again.  Every time I do this, I find that I want it done another way.  I think I’ll stick with this way.  I’m organizing by place and date, and adding keywords.  It’s tedious, and it’s also hard on my hands.  But it’s something productive to do.

I can’t wait for warmer weather.  I don’t feel like myself when I can’t get outside.  There are some new places I want to visit this spring to take photos of wildflowers.  And I will see more birds.  I hate that I miss most of the migrating birds during the cold weather.  There are so many that I never see except through the photos of others.  I keep tabs on what others are seeing and I hope it will warm up for even one day so I can try to see them before they leave.  But it seldom works out that way.

OK, enough whining…  I need to work on trying to feel better.  I think I let myself drown in depression in the winter.  I wish there was another way…