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It Wasn’t a Wasted Weekend

I didn’t have high hopes for the weekend because of a frustrating cold.  But, there were a few little bright moments.

A little orange colored House Finch visited.  Cool color!  Sunsets and Sunrises were beautiful!

I tried to see the comet last night, and I caught a brief glimpse, but it was overcast, and I couldn’t get a photo.  I will try again tonight.  I know last night was the best night, but I’m hoping it wasn’t the only good opportunity.

Tomorrow morning, I’m going downtown to take some photos.  I don’t usually do urban shots, but I have a friend who wants to go, so I’m going along.  I’m not sure how it will go, but it’s a new exploration in a small town.  Hope there are some great holiday decorations!


2 thoughts on “It Wasn’t a Wasted Weekend”

    1. I love that! I’ve got some good photos from one a couple of years ago. I will need to drive out somewhere to get it. Too many houses blocking my view here. And it is cloudy tonight, so my hope to see the comet will have to be put off again. I hope I see it before it goes away!


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