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Christmas Dog Photos

Each year I take photos of my dogs for my Christmas picture.  Not that I do anything with it–I post it to Facebook, but that’s all.  It’s a struggle!  Keeping them still is next to impossible.  Last year, I ended up holding them and using the timer on my camera to take the photo…but that meant I had to be in it.  I don’t like photos of me.  They make me look as old as I am!

So, this morning, I decided to try to get that one annual photo.  I have three of these kiddos now, and it’s even more difficult that when I had two.  “Sit” seems to have a different meaning to each one.  Buttercup lays down, Fred smirks at her.  Abby is the only one who listens–she sits, and then she looks up when I say “look at me.”  She’s the smartest, after all.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Christmas dogs-1

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