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How Lucky Am I? Very!

This morning's Sunrise
Sunrise today!

Today has not been a good day.  I started out the day OK.  I fed the dogs and they were not attacked by any Hawks when they went outside, so that was actually a good thing.  Then, I realized I needed to take something out to the mail box.  I unlocked the front door deadlock and the door popped open (I put up a wreath yesterday, and it’s really too thick for the distance from the door to the storm door).  When I went out the door, I pulled it shut so the dogs couldn’t get out.

Turns out, the door knob lock was locked–I just hadn’t pushed it hard enough last night when I closed it to make it latch. I opened the garage door using the code pad, but the inside door from the garage into the house was locked.  I was totally locked out–even the back door was locked.  It was 22 degrees outside and all I had on was my nightdress and a lightweight coat–after all, I was only going to the mail box.  Now what to do?

My neighbors work from home, but they rarely answer their door–they don’t like solicitors.  I didn’t have my cell phone to call or text them. So, I went to the door and rang the bell.  Their dogs came to the door and said hello–they don’t bark at me–they like me…  But no person came.  I noticed the garage door was open a bit, so I bent down and called to Charley–told him it was me and that I was locked out.  I went back to the front door–rang one more time and Charley came and let me in. I used Charley’s cell phone to call an emergency locksmith.

While I waited, Heather came downstairs and we had a morning conversation while the dogs stayed by my sides to be petted.  The only problem was that I’m terribly allergic to cats, and they have an indoor cat.  By the time the locksmith arrived, my throat was beginning to close up and I didn’t have my epi-pen.

I was so happy when the guy called to say he was here in his souped-up loud car, which gave me pause.  It took him about 20 minutes to get the door open.  I had non-pickable locks installed when I moved here.  So, he couldn’t open them easily.  He had to drill the lock out of the door knob and put a new lock in.

Sunrise this morning
Sunrise Over the Rockies

Once he got the door open, I could get in out of the cold. I put the dogs in their crates to keep them out of the locksmith’s way, and also to keep them from running outside as he came in and out. It took about another 1/2 hour for him to key the new lock and get everything back together.  That’s a $175 mistake I won’t make again!  I now have a key hidden in the car.

All this time, mind you, I was still in my nightdress with a coat on.  Not exactly the attire you usually wear to visit neighbors and sit outside on the porch while a nice kid finds a way to get you into your house.

But, that wasn’t the end of it.  I ordered groceries last night to pick up this morning.  By the time I got back into my house and the locksmith was gone, it was almost too late to pick them up.  I rushed there and back home–still in my nightdress and coat.  The dogs had been crated for a long while, and I wanted to get the groceries put away and let them run free.  If I let them out before I got everything put away, they would trip me in the kitchen…

When I unloaded the groceries, I discovered the strawberries I ordered were not there.  I called the store, and they said they would get some and have them ready for me if I wanted to come back.  By this time I was just plain tired, and not feeling well on top of it.  I asked them to just credit the cost and I would come in and get them tomorrow if I’m feeling better.  They did me one better–they gave me a $10 credit for my next order.

By this point I had been up for 5 hours and all I had was a half glass of water at my neighbor’s house.  I hadn’t taken any meds or had anything to eat.  And now I wasn’t hungry or thirsty.  There are certain meds I have to take at certain times or everything gets all messed up.  So I just haven’t taken anything.  I decided I will have a drug holiday!  It’s holiday time, after all.  The only thing I absolutely have to take (in my Oncologist’s opinion) is the chemo drug that I take at bedtime.  So I will take that, but only that!

Then, a while ago, my neighbor called me from the grocery store to ask if I needed anything, and she brought me strawberries. It was so sweet of her, and she wouldn’t let me pay her.

Macerated BerriesSo I made macerated fruit–Strawberries (halved), Blackberries, Blueberries and Raspberries with 1 tablespoon of sugar, 2 tablespoons of Grand Marnier (or Vanilla or some other flavor), and a tablespoon of lemon juice.  Stir it up well and wait an hour or two.  Delicious alone or with whipped cream or over cheesecake or ice cream.

Of course, that is what I finally ate this afternoon for linner (lunch/dinner).  That’s all I’ve had all day, and will be all I eat.  I didn’t even put any whipped cream on it. I just don’t want anything else–it’s all I wanted to eat all day.  Ever notice if you go long enough without food, you don’t want any? And when there’s something you really want, nothing else will do?

So, now you are wondering why I feel lucky??  That’s easy…  My neighbors gave me the use of their phone and a warm place to wait for the locksmith.  Then, the locksmith came very quickly–he arrived within a half hour.  He was a nice young man (in spite of his really loud car) who worked as hard as he could to get me in the house quickly so I could get out of the cold.  He also apologized for what it cost me–he works for a company that sets the pricing.  If he could have picked the lock, it would have been $28.  But, since he had to replace and re-key the lock, he had to charge me for that.  His apology and kindness were something I didn’t expect.  Then, my neighbor called out of the blue from the store, not knowing I didn’t get my strawberries, and asked if I needed anything.  And she refused to let me pay her for the strawberries.  I have a $10 credit on my next grocery pick-up order.  I made my macerated berries and ate some–delicious!  I had a drug holiday–just because timing was all messed up.  And it felt good to not take all that stuff.  The dogs forgave me for their morning confinement and they stayed close to me, knowing I wasn’t feeling well.

Sunset on The Colorado Rockies
Sunset last evening

I am grateful for all of the things that happened today to give me an opportunity to be thankful for the kindnesses of others.  How much more lucky can you get?

Oh yes, and I forget to mention the incredible sunset last night and sunrise this morning!  Amazing!


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  1. I am very sorry for the difficulties you had to go through early morning. On the other hand the kindness you’ve experienced from the people around you gives me hope about mankind. Beautiful photos …

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