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Barr Lake Thanksgiving Walk

Juvenile and Adult Bald Eagles sitting on a sand bar with pelicans
I was focused on the flying Pelican and didn’t even see the Bald Eagles until I downloaded and looked at the photos.

I did go to Barr Lake yesterday afternoon.  I was hoping to see some Bald Eagles–I understand that 13 are there now.  But, I didn’t see any.  Only after I got home and downloaded my photos did I notice that I did “see” two–an Adult and a Juvenile sitting on a sand bar in the lake–apparently waiting for a chance to steal a fish or two.

Juvenile, Adult and Blue Morph Snow Geese foraging with Canada and Cackling Geese
There are three types of Snow Goose in this photo–there are adults and Juveniles (that one has the grey back), and a Blue Morph (the one with the white head).  They are foraging among Canada and Cackling Geese.

I saw tons of Canada, Cackling, Snow (White and Blue Morphs and Juveniles), Greater White-fronted, and Ross’s, Geese.  I saw A Kestrel–or the same one was following me around the park.  I’ve noticing this happening before.  Maybe it thinks I’m a large mouse…  There were Starlings and Black-capped Chickadees.  And I managed to get a photo of a Red Squirrel that thought it was hiding from me.  I also saw three Mule Deer.

Flock of Geese in Flight over Barr Lake
As the sunset was approaching and the clouds were darkening, a huge flock of Geese arrived to join the thousands of other Geese already there.

But the most amazing thing about Barr Lake is that the view changes constantly as you walk the Perimeter Trail.  The colors of the sky are constantly morphing into different colors, and the Rocky Mountains never seem far away.

I never get tired of vising this special place!

I was filled with a sense of gratefulness that I have this wonderful place to visit just a few minutes away.  And I’m thankful that I can share photos of Barr Lake with others, and also keep them as beautiful memories.