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The Big Empty

The kids were here on Sunday and we had our early Thanksgiving.  My grandson, Keaton, stayed with me Sunday and Monday nights, and I had to take him home today.  It’s hard to put into words how difficult that is for me to do.  I always cry on the way home.  The time we have is so precious!  I do get tired out–he always wakes up at 6 a.m. (although this morning he did sleep until 7–a pleasant surprise).

Blue Jay at Barr Lake
A Blue Jay for a Blue Day

We got ready this morning and drove over to Barr Lake.  I had a meeting there with a couple of the Friends of Barr Lake board members to discuss my taking over maintaining their Facebook page.  While I was meeting with them, Keaton was helping to clean the Nature Center.  He swept the floor, dusted, watered plants, fed the toad, and I have no idea what else…

When my meeting was over, we took a short walk to see what birds we could see before we had to leave to get to my rheumatologist appointment.  He and my doctor had a good conversation.  When Dr. G asked me if I had any particularly bad days lately, Keaton spoke up and told him that yesterday I could hardly stand up straight, and I was limping.  He also told him that he put Blue Emu on my knees and elbows and hands last night because he knew that would help.  And it did!  I told him he should be a physical therapist.  He said he’s keeping an open mind.  He asked me what they do, and I explained as much as I could.  I told him how physical therapists helped me with a back injury several years ago and with lymphadema after my breast cancer surgery.  He said he’d think about it–he’s only 7, after all!

After the doctor appointment, we stopped at McDonald’s for take-out and went to Ken Mitchell park for a picnic.  Then we took photos of the birds in the lake.  We came home and he had a scoop of ice cream (Tillamook Oregon Marionberry Cheesecake–if you haven’t tried it, you are really missing something good!).  We spent some time just sitting down and talking.  Then it was time to take him home.  😦

My Little Harry Potter
My Little Harry Potter

So, I have this amazing little guy who I love more than anything in the world, and it always breaks my heart when I have to drop him off.  I looked through the photos I took today when we were walking.  For some reason, when he is taking photos with me, I never take photos of him.  And I’m always angry with myself afterward.  The most recent picture I have of him was from Halloween.  Actually, they were taken by my daughter-in-law and posted to Facebook.  I swear he looks like he belongs in the Harry Potter movies!

All of this was written just to say how empty my home is without this little guy.  The dogs are all pouting, and I’m just trying to not cry.  The kids are leaving tomorrow for a 10th Anniversary trip to Belize.  Keaton asked me if he could take his camera with him.  Of course, I said yes!  I want to see all the great pictures he takes while he’s there.  And I will miss him every moment.  I probably won’t see him now until Christmas.  And that seems so far away!

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