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The 8 Minute Park

I live 8 minutes from Barr Lake State Park.  My grandson calls it the 8 minutes park. I am so grateful that I can leave the house at any time of the day and take in the beauty, peace and quite of this amazing place.  There is a 9-mile trail around the entire lake.  I can’t walk all nine miles, but I’ve done bits and pieces and I’ve almost seen the entire trail.   Even if I only take a short, quick walk to see something specific, that little bit of time is liberating.  I never feel as good as when I am outside with the birds, trees and water.

I went to Barr Lake yesterday to take photos of the construction of an ADA fishing pier that will allow everyone to enjoy fishing in the lake.  Of course, once I got those photos taken, I couldn’t leave.  I can never leave.  I could live there if they would let me.  I am endlessly thankful for this one-of-a-kind haven for wildlife and people!