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Grateful for Fire (not wildfires)

I am grateful for fire.  I know–strange thing to be grateful for–especially since it can be so destructive. It seems like a bad thing to be grateful for during this time when wildfires are consuming whole cities in California. I look at the photos and videos of the destruction there, and it makes me cry.  I cannot imagine what it must be like for those people affected by these horrible fires.

So, please forgive me for writing a post about being grateful for fire.  I live in Colorado where there is constant fear of fire in the warmer months.  The field behind my home is all dried weeds and leaves–it could become a tinder box at the flick of a still burning cigarette or a lightning strike.  So I do take wildfire very seriously.  And I pray for those who continue to be affected by wildfires, including those in the Medicine Bow and Route Fires on each side of the Colorado/Wyoming border.

I guess I should more specifically say I am grateful to the person or persons who invented fire–or who learned how to make it work for us.  Just think for a moment about the conveniences we not have without fire.

Buttercup’s reflection in the fireplace glass as she basks in the glow

Yesterday we woke up to snow and below freezing temps that I wasn’t prepared for (I suppose I should check the weather more often).  I had the thermostat turned down low and it was really cold in the living room.  I let the dogs out in the snow and I turned on the gas fireplace.

Now, let me tell you, I’m not crazy about gas.  I would rather have a wood-burning fireplace.  After all, if the electricity goes out, this thing won’t help at all because it needs electricity to run.  But, it warms up the living room quickly, and it’s pretty when it’s lit.

I’m thankful that the dogs and I have something that warms us and gives us at least the illusion of a wood fire. And I’m thankful that my son and his family have a wood-burning fireplace, and we can go there if all else fails.