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My best Friend

I am eternally grateful for my best friend, Sue. I met sue when my son was in high school.  He was dating Sue’s daughter.  They both swam on the swim team, and I met Sue at the swim team banquet during my son’s freshman year.  She was in the process of getting a divorce, and she needed a friend.  I also needed a friend.  It’s not often that  you meet someone who becomes more of a sister than your own sisters.  The kids dated and broke up, and dated and broke up, and dated and broke up.  But Sue and I remained friends through it all.  We have laughed and cried and worried together.

Sue is the kind of friend you can count on, no matter what.  Twice she has flown from FL to Texas and Colorado to help me move.  She is always there when I call.  And, when we have a chance to get together we have the best time!

Recently, I discovered that I have some unexpected money in a pension plan that I never paid into.  When I got the letter confirming the amount that is in that plan, I sent in the paperwork to request that it be rolled into my IRA.  I then called Sue and told her we are taking a National Parks Tour in May.  Of course, she is ready to go!  I had no doubt that she would be excited and eager to see all of the things we want to see.  There are not many friends who will just drop everything and take a chance on something like this.


This is a photo of the beautiful figure that she sent me as I was going through chemotherapy.  I love birds, and the sentiment is “happiness.”  There is a saying something like, sisters are yours by birth, but friends are sisters by choice.

I’m thankful to be able to share this story of friendship here.

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