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Grateful and Thankful – Magpie and Bison

Yesterday was probably the nicest day we will have in a while around here if the weather people are correct (and they seldom are, so hard to tell–we might be back up to 80 degrees next week!).

I decided about 1:00 that I would head down to the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge and take some photos.  I went to the usual places–Lower Derby Lake, a walk around Lake Ladora, and a quick look around Lake Mary.  I saw lots of waterfowl, a Bald Eagle, a Northern Harrier, three Mountain Bluebirds, and beautiful skies over the mountains.

Magpie on Bison's Back
Magpie sitting on Bison’s back at Rocky Mountain Arsenal with the Colorado Rockies in the background

The most amazing thing is one that I captured in a very blurry photo.  As I drove over the crest of a hill on the Wildlife Drive, a Bison was sitting by the road with a Magpie on its back.  Of course I wasn’t ready for that.  I grabbed my camera, slowed the car down and took a couple of shots.  The one I managed to get of the Magpie on the Bison’s back is quite blurry, but it’s probably the only time I will ever have an opportunity to take that picture.  Luckily, it’s not so blurry in my mind!

I am grateful that I saw this amazing little scene, and I’m grateful I can still see it in my mind.  I’m also thankful that I can share it, blurry as it is, for whoever sees this.