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Eagles and Flickers and Ducks, Oh My!

I had to have a bone scan done this afternoon.  I get so much testing done all year that it gets frustrating.  Chemo medications attack everything, and that includes bones.  Anyway, when I have procedures done, I need to unwind. So I stopped on the way home at Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge.  It was a great visit.  I went to Lower Derby Lake first and while I was there a mature Bald Eagle with a Juvenile in tow swooped over the lake looking for something tasty.  There were so many kinds of waterfowl that I lost count.  I also stopped at Lake Ladora and found some different species.  Of course, as with any time I go somewhere, a storm brewed up and forced me to leave. But it was a beautiful way to spend a little time and forget the rest of the world!