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A Golden Batty Weekend!

I picked up my seven-year-old grandson on Friday evening to have an overnight visit.  I always try to have fun things to do with him so he is never bored and stays out of trouble!  I had a bunch of geodes (from National Geographic).  He loves to smash them and see what’s inside.  When I was making dinner, he went to the basement and smashed almost all of them.  At one point he came upstairs with some rocks in his hands and said, “My life is complete!”  He had two pieces of a broken open geode that he is absolutely sure is gold.  He found two more just like it.  I promised I will take it to a jeweler and have it tested.  I really think it’s pyrite (fool’s gold), but I didn’t want to burst his bubble.  There were some very pretty crystals in the rest of the geodes, including some light-colored Amethyst, clear Quartz, and maybe some Aquamarine.


On Saturday morning we went to Barr Lake State Park for an instructional program about Bats.  It was very interesting, and my grandson learned a lot that he could go home and tell his mom and dad.  He even made a paper bat!



So, this all sounds amazing.  But the most incredible part came as we were hiking around the Barr Lake Perimeter Trail.  My grandson found an I-Phone along the side of the trail.  He picked it up and said someone lost this and we need to take it to the Nature Center so they can find it.  It had a case, and there was a credit card in the slot in the back.  I was relieved that he found it because someone else might not have been so honest.  I put it in my pocket and we continued our hike–looking for “cool” birds.  At one point, the phone rang and I looked at it.  The screen said– “I have lost my phone.  If you see this message, please answer.”  So I did.  I told the man on the other end that my grandson had found the phone and we would take it to the Nature Center when we finished our walk.  I estimated about an hour.  The man was so relieved.  He said it was his granddaughter’s birthday.  They had started the day with a visit to Barr Lake and they were getting ready for her birthday party, but without the phone, they had no camera.

As we were headed back to the Nature Center, my grandson said he was going to hurry up and get there (I’m rather slow).  So he started to run.  When he got to the Nature Center, he gave the phone to Larry (the ranger on duty) and told him that the people would be coming to get it. Then he settled down to wait for me.  Before I got there, the people arrived to get the phone.  They asked where the little boy was who found the phone.  Larry called to him and he went to meet the family.  They told him he was a “true hero” and so honest, and such a good example for other kids.  Then, they gave him a $40 reward!  This was truly his lucky weekend!  He tried to give me $20 when I finally arrived, because I had to keep the phone in my pocket while we walked, but I told him he needed to keep it because he was the one who found it, and it was Karma. He did a good thing, and people who do the right thing get rewarded.  Maybe not that day or the next week, or even the next year.  But something good will happen for you if you do good things for others.

My paper bat!
My grandson and his paper bat.

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