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Zion National Park

I was so proud when my son graduated from UF with a Master’s Degree in Parks and Recreation.  He was hired immediately by the National Park Service as a Ranger at Zion National Park.  Over the next several years I had an opportunity to be treated to some sites and trails that are not advertised and generally available to the public.  I have a terrible fear of heights, but my son happened to know a way to Observation Point that didn’t require me to climb the trail–a place I would never have seen without him.

I’ve been going through old photos, and these are from 2005–his 2nd year at the park.  I’m looking for 2004 and the rest.  These were taken with an old Kodak camera–the first digital camera I ever had.  It’s amazing how far they have come, but the quality still looks good.  Of course, that’s probably because I couldn’t mess with it–totally automatic! I haven’t done anything to these photos–didn’t have any editing software back then, but I’m going to try to make some of them look better.  I literally have thousands of photos from Zion.  If you’ve never been there, I highly suggest you put it on your bucket list!