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From Summer to Winter?

Here in Colorado it seems like we had two summers and slid right into winter! Last week temperatures were in the 80’s.  Today and tomorrow, we won’t get out of the 30’s.  But, I’m not complaining.  I love winter.  This morning I noticed water drops on the Columbines.  Later today I’m sure they will be ice drops…  Then I heard a Blue Jay squawking and went outside to get some photos.  I obliged with some posing on a nearby tree and my neighbor’s fence.  Then it started to snow.  I have not conquered the technique of making snowflakes look so translucent and perfect.  But I keep trying.  It was good snow for taking photos, but the deck wood melted them quickly, so I had to work fast.  Colorado is a place of constantly changing weather, sights and sounds.  How lucky am I to live here?