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Butterfly Fascination

I have been fascinated by Butterflies since I was a young child.  I had a hard time understanding how caterpillars could turn into such ethereal creatures.  When I moved to Texas several years ago, I decided I was going to have a Butterfly garden.  The weather is warm there for longer, and many Butterflies migrate to or through the state.  I could not have imagined how successful that garden would be.  The plants grew vigorously, and before long, the Butterflies arrived in all shapes and sizes.  I would often sit by the garden and just watch them flitting around to the different types of flowers, and I noticed that some were attracted to certain flowers.  It was amazing to watch them. And Black Swallowtails laid eggs on the Dill plants, and the Caterpillars were so cute!

I have tried to create a Butterfly garden in Colorado, but without as much success.  I have seen some interesting Butterflies in the wild, and I actually had three Monarch Caterpillars on my Milkweed, but I never saw the parent Butterflies.  I’ve been lucky, though that I have seen as many different species as I have.  I’m hoping my garden here has better results next year.

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